This is Too Honest and Humiliating but Right Now I Don’t Care

  1. I missed you when you were far away from me
  2. and I miss you now, with your back facing my front
  3. you don’t want me to touch you
  4. that is all I ever want to do
  5. I destroy everything that I love
  6. I wish someone would fight for my shitty self
  7. I don’t know how to care without caring too much
  8. I don’t know how to want someone and not need them
  9. I want to figure out these things
  10. I cry at times that never make sense
  11. I keep people around who don’t treat me very well
  12. I don’t act in a way that I should be treated very well
  13. When I’m sad, I drink too much, then feel worse
  14. I don’t know what I am doing
  15. I had two cats but now I don’t anymore
  16. I miss them and wish I could hang out with them still
  17. They would hold me when you refuse to
  18. I could fall asleep to the white noise of their purring
  19. It felt so nice to be needed
  20. I wish that you needed me like I want you

Brunch City, USA

B – loody Mary, pleaseeee
R – edskin potatoes
U – limited mimosas
N – ice eggs and things..
C – offee, coffee, coffee
H – oly hell! How did I spent $40?!

The Fat City Review, How to Make Roses Give Up Their Thorns

The Fat City Review, How to Make Roses Give Up Their Thorns

Another poem on the Interwebs!

The training process at my new job has been intense, so far I have shadowed pastry chefs, expeditors, and servers. This morning I went to a coffee cupping! These are all things I will write about in excruciating detail, mostly for Courtney and Tyler whom reminded me to keep this thingie going.

Tonight I will be training on phones from 4:30-9:30pm.

I have to say things like, “fully committed” instead of “fully booked.”
This is the big time, guys.